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The Extra plug in is very useful to manage the additional services (different from the boards) and integrate them on the database in order to associate them to a specific reservation, if case of clients requirements.  


From the dashboard fast Menu-Extra, you can integrate the additional services in the box on the left of the screen, specifying the name, the price, the possible VAT, the type (in case of daily or una tantum extra) and if the total to pay is per room, per person or una tantum.    

Once you inserted all the details, they can be managed, modified or removed at any time from the panel "your extra".

Clicking on the Dashboard' last icon (the cart with the +) you can rapidly assign an extra to a reservation just associating the room to the required service.

From the additional purchases of the reservation details it is possible to check the Extra amount associated and decide if invoice it along with the reservation total (balance) or rather invoice it independently from the final balance (partial amount).

NB: the Extra are associated with the reservations and not to the single room.

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