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How to connect Zak and WuBooK

ATTENTION! This is the most important procedure among the Zak and WuBooK configurations: if this is the first time you connect Zak and WuBooK and you did not receive a telephonic training, we strongly recommend you to contact us in order to receive the telephonic assistance!

In order to connect Zak and WuBooK, activating the information transmission process between the two systems and in order to align reservations and availabilities, please go to Zak page Internet and click on Initialize the connectivity:

Attention: this is the most important page of Zak, synchronizing it with WuBooK and vice versa, thence, before coming to this step it is strongly necessary that Zak planning and WuBooK tableau perfectly correspond to the real situation of your reservations and effective availabilities.

Before activate the connection, please verify:

  • if you have reservations not expired and manually managed by other channel manger (not WuBooK) or other management, you should add them on the Zak planning;
  • if you managed all the reservations through WooDoo, it is possible to automatically  achieve them without manually operate on the Zak planning;   
  • you have only to manually include on Zak the reservations not managed by WooDoo channel manager as yet;

If you are ready to connect Zak and WuBooK synchronizing your real availability, you can proceed this way:  

1. Initialize the connectivity

2. Rooms association (on the right of the screen). Please keep in mind that Zak and WuBooK think different but they are associated by the real rooms typology so it is fundamental assure the perfect correspondence between your WuBooK typology and your Zak typology on Rooms Typology.

3. Reservation fetching engine: this is the section dedicated to the WuBooK information then transmitted to Zak (WuBooK updates Zak). To activate the online information transmission and visualise them on Zak, it is necessary to enable Running, the Reservation fetching status that allows you starting to download and forward your reservations: 

Update Engine Status.

The option Integration Discounts allows you to obtain the online reservation showing also the included discount (if you enable "discounts" but you click on "price decrement", the reservation price appears already with sale but this operation do not allow you to exactly know the discount amount). For example, if one of your rooms on Booking,com is worth 100-10%, you can decide to import it on Zak showing the discount or rather to set up the price at 90€. 

ZaK AI allows you to better manage the reservations coming from the online world:

  • if enabled, Zak automatically assigns the best room available manage it independently;
  • if disabled, each reservation coming from internet is manually managed and then transferred into the Zak planning as pending reservation: from here the reservation is managed by assign the desired room. If a clock appears on the pending reservation (into Home) it is still waiting to be confirmed;            

Save options engine. 

5. Import reservations from WuBooK: this control is useful to automatically import all the WooDoo reservations. Or rather if there are some reservations not expired on the channel manager and previous to the Zak connection, it is necessary click here to import the online reservations that will join the home or the planning.

6. Availability engine: on the contrary of Reservation Fetching Engine, this is the part dedicated to information entering on Zak and transmitted to WuBooK (Zak updates WuBooK). To activate this option it is necessary to set up the Running status; consequently the insertion, the change and the deletion of your availabilities on Zak will originate the relevant modification of your online sale tools (firstly the channel manager, then OTA and website). 

Important: please enable this option only if you have already set up all your direct reservations on Zak so when your planning reflects the updated situation. 

It is also possible to choose a percentage in order to trade online only a rooms part. If you enable the State of availability limit you can choose a rooms limit to be set up only for your direct booking: for example, if the real availability of a room typology is 4 on Zak and you set up 3 as limit, the remaining availability for WuBooK and for OTA will be 1.

Update engine state

7. Please launch from "Manual Updates" an update from today for one year. Please launch a manual update.

Important: please remind always to acquire the WuBooK reservations throw the Reservation fetching engine and only after they have been reported on the planning, you can launch the Availability engine and finally the 1 year manual update. 

From now on Zak and WuBook are interconnected and they continuously exchange availability, relevant information and prices.

After the connection activation, if at a later stage some structure significant modifications had been done (room or room typology increase/removal), it will be necessary to reconfigure even the internet part.  

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