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How to make a resevation

You can make a reservation from many areas of ZaK:

- Starting from an existing customer reservation, by clicking on + in section Rooms, selecting dates and then clicking on the forward arrow.


- You can start from a room for example in section Rack.


- You can start a reservation from the Planner


When creating a reservation starting select all relevant sections below in "Main Setup", in "Rooms" select dates, click on book rooms, + icon to select the room type and arrow to assign already a physical room then click on "Done".


Once you click on "Done" in "Rooms" you can still edit the occupancy and customize the price.

In "Customer" specify if who is booking is also a guest of this reservation, you can search the name for previous bookings and if he stayed already you can just click on the name from the search results or if he is a new customer just click on "Define a new customer".


In case you select an already existing customer previous reservations details will appear so that you can comfortably see in which room he stayed or how much he paid in the past.


The last step before adding the new reservation is to mark the status: the booking can be confirmed, on "option" or an "offer" until a certain date, in those last 2 cases you can enter the expiry date which will be also listed in Section Reservations/Pending.


By clicking in "Insert Reservation" you have entered fully the new booking and created the reservation code, you can click on it to view the all booking details and edit them if needed or you can click on "Planning" to check the new booking on the Planner.




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