Planner can be accessed from Fast Links - Planner and from section Reservations - Planner.

In the planner at the top of the page you can easily select how many days you want to see below, from which date and you can filter the view also by room type and room tag.

In the Planner you will see in the calendar all your physical rooms listed by type & room code. Weekends are highlighted in the date line in yellow.

In the example below you can see how rooms can be shown on Planner in relation to their room assignment status:

- Room for Ferrini Fra, check in on the 12/07 is in clear white as the phisical room APT1 has been assigned.

- Room for Lapo Fra check in 23/07 is transparent as the phisical room hasn't been assigned yet, so the reservation is just on a random room of the type booked.

- Room DBL2 is in black for the 16/07 asit is closed for maintenance.


By clicking from the planner on an unassigned room you will be able to do all the actions listed in example below:


By clicking on an assigned room you can instead do the following:


By clicking on a closed room you can instead reopen the room for availability.


Remember that from the planner you can always click on the client name (ex. Ferrini Fra) to enter into the client registration page and on the reservation code (ex. FF-0002) to enter into the booking details.

You can start a new reservation directly from the Planner by clicking in the calendar the arrival date.

By doing so you will be able to select:

- number of NIGHTS

- room types (by clicking on + icon)

- physical room (by clicking on arrow icon)

Then click on DONE and BOOK ROOMS to get into the new reservation set up page.


The Planner is dynamic, by clicking on TETRIS (top right side of the planner page) you will be able to pass the mouse on any booking and move it around the planner on a different date or drag the right side of the reservation box to make it longer or shorter.

Remember to SAVE (top right side of the page) after applying changes through TETRIS mode.



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