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How to make an invoice

You can make a new invoice either starting from a reservation or from an 

Starting from a Reservation, inthe ADMIN section click on "Invoices"
Click on "issue a new document"


- Type of document

-Customer (if more than one)

-select for which service customer needs an invoice (reservation can 
have room charges and extra charges)

- click on GO
In the page below you can easily edit:

- date of the invoice

- invoice number in case you don't want to follow the sequence

- the currency in case you have set up more than one

- In Customer section you can finish to fill in the customer details and 
then click Update

- In Exchange Rate section you can change the currency exchange and then 
click Load

- In Customization Section for Header - Messages - Footer you can select 
from the drop down menu the customization created into section Settings 
- Plugin -Your Plugins: Invoice

-In section Payments the system advise you in case you haven't receive 
the payment for the service invoiced, so you can select "add a new 
payment while emitting" and select the payment method - customize the 
amount - select the currency

-In section Services you see an overview of what service is being 
invoice and you can click in the box under "tax" to exclude it

Once you have completed all sections you can click on the top right 
corner on Preview to double check everything and then EMIT to issue the 
You can also make an invoice from:

- section Payments - Documents - click on +, then select the document and click on NEW.
- Section Customers - Business, click on the name of your Agency or Corporate and in 
their configuration page in the top right corner you can click on "New Invoice", the
system will recognize if there are still reservations from that agency/business that
haven't been invoiced yet and will suggest it to you in the box "to be invoiced".
Make your selection and click on GO after selecting the "Doc Type".
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