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Broom Paper

This plugin allows you to plan the cleaning and to print every day the paper work dedicated to the cleaning staff (Worker). This report indicates the physical rooms to be cleaned and the type of cleaning to be done.

Plugin Activation
The Broom Paper plugin is activated with the acquisition (ZaK section: Settings/Plugin) and configuration of the plugin. This will appear then in the Reports section, from which you can view, edit and finally print the cleaning paper work of the day.

Plugin configuration
The plugin can be configured, with varying degrees of detail, by defining the following data:

Rooms settings
These are labels that inform the worker that the room should be prepared in a non-standard way. For example, an additional bed must be prepared, or the room must be prepared for a single guest (single use), or a special setup must be prepared, etc.


From the physical room details of each reservation, it will be possible to assign the room cleaning setting through the configuration field. In this way, the room cleaning type will be indicated in the cleaning sheet for the stay days

A color can be associated with each setting. This will be visible in the planner and in the cleaning calendar.


It is possible to insert one or more Workers (or cleaners). You can then distribute the cleaning tasks between the different workers and then deliver to each employee the respective cleaning sheet to be done in the day.

Default Rooms Settings

After entering the settings and the workers, you can associate to each room the respective default setting and worker.

Cleaning policy

It is the configuration that automates the creation of a cleaning policy in relation to booked stays. Each cleaning policy consists of a level from 0 to 3: On request, Fast, Normal, Complete. On each cleaning policy level you can specify if the sheets or towels needs to be changed.

It is possible to assign the cleaning policy automatically at the time of arrival and departure or during the stay  or while the rooms are free (with the assignment of a frequency).



It is possible to assign a specific cleaning policy to a room. For example, on the Suite room, you might prefer a policy where cleaning is always deep and / or frequent.

Broom Paper Report

This section of the report shows in detail the cleaning tasks for today and tomorrow. It allows to modify every parameter (including the notes), it allows to assign the worker, it also allows to invert the cleaning tasks of today with those of tomorrow and finally allows access to the printing.


On today's cleaning click on the red icon to indicate that the cleaning has been done, click on the print icon for printing the sheet.

Today Cleaning Sheet

Is possible to generate the cleaning sheet of the day (today or tomorrow), for each room it shows all the information on cleaning level (sheets or towels change, possible notes, etc.). Before printing it, the sheet can be filtered per worker. The sheet also shows information actual guests occupying the roomt: who arrives (when he leaves), who leaves (when he has arrived), who is in the room (when he has arrived and when he leaves).


At the bottom of the cleaning sheet are shown the total cleaning tasks grouped by worker: how many cleaning should be done, how many sheets and how many towels will have to change.




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