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Prices: Price Fragments

Price Fragments are created in section Settins/Prices, starting from clicking on + next to Price Fragments.

Fragments are price lists in which the weekly price of a room type can be defined also for different occupancies, those prices lists are here created but not linked yet to calendar dates. (By occupancy we mean the number of guests occupying the room, eg: 2 adults, 1 adult, 2 adults + 1 child, etc.).

Not being tied to specific dates, the same fragment can be reused on different time frames. For example, you could create the Standard fragment, but also the Low Season or High Season fragment; you could create the fragments Events and Trade Shows with rack prices or Friends and relatives fragments with lower prices. In this way whenever the high season occur during the year the same High Season fragment can be reused, same logic for the Events fragment.

Once the fragment has been created, by clicking on the name, you can access the details page in which prices can be defined. By clicking on the "+" button on the right of the room type you can add prices for the different occupancies that can be accommodated.

The initial price is the maximum price indicated when created the room types. However, all fragment prices can be changed manually.


Boards prices in the fragments

To differentiate prices according to the boards/meals it is necessary to activate the Boards plugin; in the plugin indicatethe costs for All inclusive, Breakfast, Full board, Half board, both for adults and child. These prices are intended for meals only, no accommodation.

board.pngOnce the Boards plugin is activated, the icon appears on the fragment to redefine the costs of the meals.

Through the same icon it is possible to view and modify the prices of each treatment for each room-occupancy.

For example: if the price of the DBL for 2 adults and 1 child is € 80, and half board has a cost of € 20 for adults and € 15 for children; the cost on the DBL (2 adults, 1 child) half board will be 80 € + 20 € x2 adults + 15 € x1 child = 135 €.

It is possible to change these "pre-calculated" prices, modifying them and saving them manually on the fragment.


Fragments use: Directly on Bookings

When creating a new booking, you can indicate the fragment from which prices will be read.


Depending on the room and the occupancy assigned to the booking, the system will read the corresponding price on the fragment in order to automatically calculate the cost of the reservation.


Fragments use: on rate plans

The rate plan is the tool with which the fragments are assigned to specific time frames (Periods).


More over, the rate plan can be used on the reservation (as indicated above for the fragment). The rate plan can also be used to send prices to WuBook.



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