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Room Types

You can create room types under section Settings - Rooms.

The physical rooms of the property are 'grouped' into types. Before starting to create the physical rooms, it is important to create the types (or room categories). These could be for example: Double (Dbl), Triple (Trp), Suite (St), Family (Fam), etc .. So when you will create the physical room, you can then assign the related room type.

Physical rooms belonging to the same room type are considered "identical to the sale". It means that they will always have the same price, but also the same possible sales derivations.

For example, all rooms in the DBL category can be sold as "single use" or "with an extra bed". If a double physical room does not allow the sale "with an extra bed", it could not be part of the DBL room type and it would be necessary to create a new category specifically for that physical room.

If you are using our channel manager WuBook it is preferable to enter the same WuBook room categories. A special tool allows you to generate the ZaK room types from those on WuBook.


The room types are needed for:

  • Price management
  • The connectivity with WuBook

Price management

ZaK price management takes place by room type. Price management tools: Fragments and rate plans define prices on room types, not on individual physical rooms.

On the room type the maximum price must be indicated, this will be used as the default price every time the price requested is not defined in another way.

man_i.pngPrice transformer for occupancy

By occupancy we mean the number of guests occupying the room. Eg: 2 adults, 1 adult, 2 adults + 1 child, etc. On the type of room it is possible to define price transformers that allow the automatic calculation of the price of that room category for the different occupancies that it can accommodate.

The transformer consists of a value that represents an increase or decrease of a percentage or a fixed amount compared to the maximum price of the type.


Unless otherwise specified, the price of the room category for that occupancy will be calculated automatically by the transformer.

Updating data to WuBook

Internet sales are made for room categories, on WuBook booking engine as well as on the main OTAs. The ZaK room types can be connected to the WuBook rooms to automate data exchange.


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