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Connecting with WuBook

You can connect your PMS Zak with our Channel Manager WuBook in section Settings/WuBook.

ZaK can update the availability and / or prices of the room types on WuBook, it can also download the bookings on WuBook. This allows you to work daily on ZaK only and to access WuBook occasionally, only if you want to configure the internet sale: (add special offers, reconfigure the channel manager channels, etc.)

It is possible to decide to enable the engine for connecting prices, unloading reservations and updating availability, each of all of them.


If you activate the Reservations engine to automatically download internet reservations, you can activate or not the algorithm that automatically assigns the physical room in the reservation.

Association of room types

It is necessary to associate the respective ZaK room type to every room type in WuBook that you wish to update.

If you want to activate the price update, you must specify in correspondence of each rate plan in WuBook, its occupancy (Adults, Children) and possibly its treatment. In this way the system reads the price to be sent to WuBook.

For example, if I want to update the prices of the WuBook Dbl in which the standard sale is intended for Bed & Breakfast, I will have to specify in the association (2 adults, 0 children) and bb.


Connecting Wubook virtual rooms

If you want to update the price of a WuBook virtual room from ZaK, you need to associate the virtual room with an occupancy and a treatment. The price will be read on the room type associated with the WuBook 'mother' room and the occupancy/treatment specified in the virtual room association.


In the example obove, the WuBook Dus virtual room (representing the single use of the Dbl) is associated with the occupancy (1 Adult, 0 Children).


ZaK calculates the availability of a room type based on the free rooms on the Planner. Pending reservations (where a physical room is not associated) weigh on availability.

On the other hand, cancellations, no-shows, offers and expired options (ie with expiry date in the past (less than or equal to yesterday) do not affect availability.



Prices are updated by associating the WuBook rate plans with the ZaK rate plans. The prices to be sent on the WuBook rate plan for a specific room type, are taken from the ZaK rate plan created on the type of room corresponding in the rooms association. On the WuBook rate plan, only the prices of the rooms 'mapped' in the association between the room types, will be updated, the prices for unmapped rooms will not be touched.


In general, treatment and occupancy must be left in Default mode. Only if the WuBook rate plan represents a particular type of sale by treatment or occupancy, it would be necessary to specify in the rate plans mapping which occupancy or treatment should be read on ZaK. Only if, for example, I want to update a 2 adults rate plan on WuBook, I will have to specify the occupancy (2 adults) on the mapping.


In the example above, the WuBook '2 adults' rate plan will be updated, from the prices on the ZaK Standard rate plan on occupancy 2 Adults of the mapped rooms.

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