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How to manage prices

In the creation of a booking it is always possible to assign a price manually (personalized). It is also possible to assign a fragment (or price list) or a rate plan so that the price is automatically calculated according to the booked days, occupancy (adults and children) and possibly the meals (full board, B&B) of the reservation.

Price management is necessary if you decide that will be ZaK to send prices to WuBook for its booking engine or for the OTAs through the channel manager.

ZaK allows different ways of managing prices. You can choose according to the complexity of the price management of your property.

Use of fragments

If you have a very simple price management and you always apply the same weekly prices throughout the year, you should define one or two fragments (for example "Standard" and / or "Discounted prices"). When creating a reservation, simply apply the fragment to get the price calculation.


The fragments are not suitable for sending prices to WuBook. That's why rate plans are needed.

Use of rate plans

If you will need to change prices for high, medium and low season, but keeping the same rates in each period, then it is better to create the relative fragments (High season, Standard, Low season), and then create a rate plan (Standard) on which to apply the fragments to the respective periods of the year.

In case there are some short periods in which the prices are different from the usual ones (for example an important trade show), it will be possible to define on the rate plan the dates in which to set Specific daily rates.

Exactly like a fragment, a rate plan can be assigned to the reservation at the time of booking creation.

Use of 'strictly daily' rate plans

If you make revenue management strategies and you want to quickly change the prices day by day, then strictly rate plans are recommended. On these rate plans strings it is possible to manage in details the price of each day - room - occupancy - meals manually.

Obviously these rate plans require a laborious approach and are recommended only to those who want to manage their prices in a very refined and precise way.

Use of virtual rate plans

A virtual rate plan, once defined, does not require control or maintenance because its prices are calculated automatically and price fluctuations are always linked to those of the main rate plan from which prices are derived. If you use offers such as Non-refundable or 7 nights stay, the use of these plans is highly recommended.

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