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For "overbooking" on a room type, we mean a time frame in which the availability is less than 0. An overbooking is therefore composed of a set of reservations that being on the same type, whose periods of stay intersect exceeding the overall availability.

ZaK automatically identifies these overbooking periods and, for each of these, shows all the reservations involved.


In the example there are two Dbls available (101 and 102) but 3 bookings in this room type arriving on 22/09.

arrow_down_green.pngZak looks out for a solution by checking if there is availability in another room type.

Overbooking can be solved by assigning an available room type to one of the bookings.


Stays with room change

A "stay with a room change" is a stay that finds availability for what concerns the room type, but does not have a physical room available for the entire period of stay.
In the example above the DBL has availability 1 for every day from 22 to 28. It could therefore arrive a reservation on this period that does not have any of the doubles (neither the 101 nor the 102) free for the whole stay.

These are stays that have a room type assigned but not the physical room. These reservations are not visible on the planner. ZaK identifies them and shows them among the warnings.
Solution algorithm
It may be possible to solve the problem by moving reservations to free a physical room. An algorithm searches for the necessary allocation changes to available a physical room for the all stay, allowing the guest to be accommodated without having to ask him to move to another room during his stay.
If the algorithm is successful, the physical room that can be freed and all the allocation changes necessary to do so are shown. By confirming the changes are made. In our example, moving Jung from 101 to 102, we make room for Freud on 101.
The algorithm may have no solution if there are closed periods or "blocked" bookings involved.
The algorithm does NOT assign the physical room, it limits itself to make room so that the stay becomes visible on the planner.
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