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The meals report allows you to know the total number of meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, all-inclusive) to prepare every day of the current week. These are calculated from the meals selected within the reservations and are divided into meals for adults and meals for children depending on the occupancies (Adults, Children) of the booked rooms.

  - A booking in Bed & Breakfast has breakfast every day (including the departure date), but not on the day of arrival.
A half-board booking has breakfast every day (including departure date), but not on the day of arrival; and it has dinners every day (including the arrival date) but not on the day of departure.
A full board booking has the same breakfasts and dinners as half board, but has lunches every day (including the arrival day) but not on the day of departure.
An All-inclusive booking involves the same meals as the full board but indicates every day (except for the departure date) that there is an All-Inclusive.

For each booking-room meals for adults and children are counted according to the occupancy booked.


For each day of the week, by clicking on the print icon, you can get the meal sheet for that day, ready to be printed.


In the Meals of the Day Report are shown for all the occupied rooms meals planned and the totals.

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