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STEP 8 - Connect Zak with the Channel Manager

This connection links the PMS ZaK system to the channel manager and booking engine WuBook so that the channel manager's updates are automatically activated as a result of the actions you do on ZaK and that internet bookings are automatically downloaded to ZaK.

ZaK can correctly updates the availability on WuBook, but all reservations (not canceled) of the structure must be registered on ZaK.


There are three possible reasons:


You are not interested in using WuBook

If you do not use the channel manager or the WuBook booking engine, you do not need the connection


You want to start using WuBook

If you want to start using WuBook, you should proceed with this connection before activating channel manager channels. In this way, when you activate the first channel, the WuBook availability that will replace the one on the channel will be the correct one.

Except for the channel, all other channels do NOT allow you to download reservations that were created before the channel was activated. It means that to have the correct availability it is important to manually enter all reservations (at least those relating to future stays entered by channels other than on ZaK.

If you want to activate the WooDoo channel for, you should activate it as the first channel. So you can download the bookings on WuBook, from WuBook they will be downloaded to ZaK. (This will save you the job of manually inserting bookings on ZaK).
In this scenario, proceed as follows:

    1 - Configuring ZaK: enter room and room types. Manually enter reservations on ZaK (even those entered by the channels except
   2 - Configure WuBook: the WuBook room types can be created with a click from ZaK via the rooms section.
   3 - Proceed with the connection between Zak and WuBook. In this way the availability on WuBook will be the exact one except for the bookings only.
   4 - Activate on WuBook as the first channel (if you sell through this OTA) and download reservations, so bookings will change from Wubook to ZaK which will eventually contain all bookings.
   5 - At this point the availability on ZaK will be the correct one (because it will include all the bookings) also the one on WuBook (because of the connection between the two systems). Now you can proceed with the activation of all the other channels and possibly with the installation of the booking engine on your site.
You already use WuBook

In this case we can assume that all your reservations are already on WuBook. You can proceed with the configuration of Zak, this time you can download with a click the room types WuBook on ZaK always from the rooms section.

Then proceed with the connection of the systems and then download the WuBook reservations on ZaK.

If all of your bookings are not present on WuBook, you can manually enter them directly on ZaK so, after the connection and unloading of reservations, ZaK will include all your bookings.
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