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This plugin allows you to activate a meal charges management system:

     * Bed and Breakfast - BB: Breakfast only.
     * Half board - HB: Breakfast and dinner.
     * Full board - FB: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
     * All inclusive - AI: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meal plans.

If a property uses only one meal plan (for example B&B), it could work without this plugin and set up directly all prices with Bed and Breakfast treatment included.

You can decide which meal plans are supported in your property and then activate them through this tool.

The possibility of defining prices for each meal plan

On each Fragment will appear the icon that allows you to define the fragment prices for each meal charge, occupancy, room type. On the rate plans and on the strings with daily rates it will also be possible to define the prices for each meal plan.

board.pngThis icon allows access to meal plans price management.

The possibility of assigning meal charges to a reservation

Once the prices of the meal charges have been defined on the Fragment and on the Rate Plans, the system can obtain the exact price of a reservation according to the fragment or the Plan assigned to it and according to the meal charge indicated on the booking.

The possibility to review the Meals Report

This report allows you to know the total of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and all-inclusive of the week and every day in order to have a clear overview to plan weekly purchases to be done.




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