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Under this section you can build a new document and/or search documents you issued already.

Search documents

You can search among all the issued documents and eventually narrow the results through specific filters: document number, type or date of issue (included between dates From and To) and amount.
On the document list you can also access all and each of them by simply clicking on the number (ex.INV # 7) and the invoice will open up. Also, it will be possible to enter the reservation details page by clicking on the reservation code and once inside that page, click on the box invoice to start the consultation.

no_check.png The icon Email alerts you on the status of the message transmission.

Building a New Document

ZaK allows you to generate invoices which items are not related to a room reservation. This means that this section allows you to build invoices and documents referred to extra-room services, like food, transportation or any other external service.


To makethings easier, Zak allows you to register a pyment and insert it into the reservaton details page and the document you built (usually on invoices).

Costs and Services

In case of building invoices you can choose each time which kind of item or service you want to insert in the document.

Document Generation

At the right top of the header, when you open a document, you will find tools to have a preview of the document and to build it definitely.

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