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STEP 2 - Rooms set up

The first step to be completed on ZAK is the creation of the ROOM TYPES and the
related PHYSICAL ROOMS at the section SETTINGS - ROOMS:

The rooms are grouped in room types (double, triple, family, etc.).

First of all you have to insert these typologies in order to be able to assign the respective type to each physical room.


Actually, the "Max Price" is the Default Price. It is better to configure it with the maximum price of the type, so, if you forget to define the prices differently, you will not run the risk of selling rooms with a lower price.

If you sell your rooms through an OTA, you can put in the same types that you have displayed on the channel, eventually you can add other types that you want just for direct sales.

If you already use Wubook (booking engine and channel manager) you can easily download the types on WuBook with a click.

If you do not use WuBook and you're starting with ZaK, in future, you can export the types created on ZaK to WuBook without having to reinsert them.


Once entering the types you can proceed with the insertion of your physical rooms.

Both in the typology and in the physical room, you have to define the name and a code that identifies the room in a maximum of 4 characters (for example DBL for the double, FAM for the family, etc.).


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