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STEP 4 - Entering Direct Reservations

To create a new booking is quick and easy: there are two main ways, one from the menu from the section RESERVATIONS - New and one from the Planner.

From the FAST LINKS section, select NEW RESERVATION from the drop-down menu.

Below is shown the main screen for entering the Reservation.
The first thing to do is to enter the surname of the guest on the right, in the CUSTOMER column: the system will automatically search if the customer has already been registered previously. If not, you need to enter the name, surname, nationality and email address.

In the box at the center, enter the booking date and the room where the guest wants to stay.
In the room selection menu that appears below, it is important to know that clicking on the + will come
engaged 1 room of the chosen type while only clicking on the down arrow, you can select a particular room.

If you already use WuBook, you can avoid manually entering the reservations on WuBook, these can be downloaded automatically thanks to the functions of the connection system between ZaK and WuBook.


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