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City Tax

It is necessary to indicate the city tax cost in the reservation when your city requires it. This plugin allows an automatic calculation of the city tax (when possibile). The calculated value can be corrected manually and it has to be confirmed.

(In some cities, the calculation of the city tax could be so complicated that this plugin can't do it). In this case you will have to calculate the city tax by yourself and insert it manually).

Besides, this plugin allows to create and consult the city-tax report.

In the plugin you have to setup the calculation model of your city in the following way.

The period

You have to define one or more periods. In the same period the calculation model is the same. So if the calculation model changes over time, you have to add more periods: for example between high and low season or between a year and another.

The rule

The calculation model of a period has to be defined through one or more rules. A single rule is associated to a "stay range", which is the number of days from the arrival date. For example, if the city tax is applied only to the first seven nights, you have to add the rule 1 -> 7. On the contrary, if the first week has a different cost from the second week, you have to add two rules: (1 -> 7) and (8 -> 14).


It the tax is always the same and it is applied to every day of the stay (without a duration limit), you have to add only a rule 1 -> ∞.

You need to indicate the following data in the rule:

  • Model of pricing: fixed or percentage.
  • Subject: per person, per room or per reservation. Depending on this field, the cost is multiplied by the guests number or by the rooms number.
  • Cost: if the subject is "per person", you can distinguish between adult and children.
  • Per day: if selected, the cost is multiplied by all the days of the rule's range stay.


In this example, in 2019 the city requires a daily tax of 5€ per adult and 2€ per child for the first 5 days. From days 6th to 10th, the tax is 4€ per adult.


The city may include exemptions for certain subjects. You can insert the names of subjects categories benefiting from exemption.

City tax application to reservation

After the plugin's setup, it is suggested an automatic calculation in the reservation. Anyway, the tax's cost can be modified manually in the reservation.

In this example, the reservation includes 3-nights stay in two double rooms and the tax is 5€ per adult for each night, so 30€ per room.

If one of the guests is exempt from the city tax, it can be indicated in the reservation.


In this example, the double room is occupied by a guest subject to the tax and an exempt guest.











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