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The activation of this plugin is necessary to issue documents through Zak: Invoice, Receipt, Credit note, Export Invoice, Proforma, generic document.

To every kind of document, you can associate:

  • Name: useful to select the kind of document you want to issue.
  • Shorthand: useful to identify the kind of document in the control panel.
  • Prefix: it appears in the document before the eventual document number

Customization of header, logo and texts

It may happen to issue invoices or documents from different company names. Through Zak you can issue documents with different headers. You can prepare headers, (with the related logo), footer and messages, that you will be able to select while creating the document.

When you issue the document, you can decide if using a header (and/or messagge and/or footer) you have already created, or inserting these data ad hoc for that document.

Generally you work with only a company name. In this case, you just need to insert the data in this plugin so that you don't have to specifiy them in the document every time.

Taxes naming

Through this plugin you can customize the taxes naming. WuBook provides its services all over the world, the tax called IVA in Italy, has a different name in another country.

The tax naming will appear in the document near the tax. For example, it can be used to indicate in the document that the city tax is free from iva.




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