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Broom Paper

This service allows to plan the cleaning or to print everyday the broom paper for the cleaner (Worker). In this paper you have the physical rooms to be cleaned and the cleaning mode.

Service activation

You can activate the service through the acquisition and configuration of the Broom Paper plugin. So in the section Reports you will have the voice Broom Paper. Here you will be able to see, modify and print the broom paper of the day.

Plugin configuration

The plugin can be configured by chosing the following data:

Room setups

There are tags informing the Worker that a room has to be prepared in a non-standard way. For example there must be an extra bed, or the room must be prepared for single use, or you need a specific preparation, etc.


By clicking on the physical room of every reservation, you will be able to establish the cleaning mode through the field setup. In this way, on the reservation days you will see the room cleaning mode in the broom paper.


You can associate a color to every setup. It can be seen in the planner and in the broom paper.


You can insert one or more Workers (or cleaners). In this way, you can assign the cleaning to various workers and give them the broom paper of the day.

Room default options

After inserting workers and settings, you can associate to each room a default setup and worker. If you don't specify something different, the room will be prepared in that way by that worker.

Cleaning policy

This setup automates cleaning creation for reservations. Every cleaning includes a level from 0 to 3: On demand, Fast, Normal, Full. For every cleaning you can indicate if you want the sheets change and the towels change.

It's possible to assign the cleaning automatically on check-in and check-out, on occupied rooms (with frequency allocation), on empty rooms (with frequency allocation).



You can assign to a room a specific cleaning policy. For example, for the room Suite you could prefer a more frequent and deeper cleaning.




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