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You can find this field going on SETTINGS - PREFERENCES

From here you can can manage:

  • Registration card
  • Planner colors
  • Taxes
  • Currencies

Registration card

From this sub-section you can customize the header and/or footer of the registration card documents that you can get from each booking detail.

Planner colors

You can have a set of colors to assign to the features of the bookings to be able to easily recognize them on the planner. There are system colors and custom colors. The former are automatically assigned to reservations, the latter can be assigned manually.

System colors


For example, if a reservation enters from an agency (OTA), or if the booking entered from WuBook, it will automatically assume the color in the planner related to its characteristics.


Once you defined your own custom color set, you can assign them to bookings that are being created or modified.

On the booking details you can decide whether to assign the same color to all the room-stays or whether to specify different colors to the different rooms occupied by the booking.


Zak allows you to assign different tax regimes to rooms, treatments and extra services.


This preference affects the generation of invoices. During the invoice issue the system calculates price, tax and total according to the two parameters: Prices already inclusive of taxes and the percentage of the tax.


If you want to receive payments and issue currency invoices other than your standard, you can add the currencies you are willing to work with.


Adding additional currencies to your standard has two effects:

Displaying the currency symbol in documents

When creating or modifying reservations, in the act of assigning the price of the rooms and/or services, you can specify the symbol of the currency with which the guest will make the payment.

Conversion of price into invoices

If you have managed the booking prices in your standard currency but the customer pays with another currency. You can issue invoices in one of the currencies you have added. ZaK automatically queries and obtains the daily exchange rate indices updated by the competent bodies, based on the currency assigned to the invoice, ZaK calculates the price by converting it from your standard currency.


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