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ZaK contains a sort of to do list. You can write tasks for every single day, so Zak on that day, remembers that you have things to do (tasks to do).


Pre-defined Tasks

These are recurring tasks. Without having to enter the text of the task every time you want to apply it to a date, you can write the text only once as a predefined task so you can reuse it whenever you need.

When creating the new task, you can select one of your predefined tasks using the first field without having to rewrite the text. Alternatively, you can select Custom and write specific text for that day's task. The date field is mandatory.



Every daily task has the status done (the hand in green) or not done (the alarm in red). Just click on the icon to switch between them.


Custom tasks appear with the link that gives you access to the description.

Every task is shown in a time order: both done and not done. To remove a task from the list, click on the icon with the X.

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