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When you access Zak you will see this page, that gives you a set of convenient information and advises.


  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Deserving attention
  • @Home
  • Last reservations events
  • News


Arrivals and Departures

It gives you at glance the information about today's arrivals (check-in) and departures (check-out).


A set of icons provides a set of information on the flow of arrivals and departures.

About the arrivals, the red house indicates how many incoming hotel guests you have today but not yet in yuor structure (so, no show, for now).

The green house indicates the customers arrived today and already present in your structure.

The bed icon indicates the number of rooms involved by incoming bookins.

The little bed indicates the total occupancy capacity of the room-stays of these bookings.


In the departures, the red arrow icon indicates how many customers, that are still in the hotel, have to leave today (the check-out has not been done yet). The green arrow indicates the check-outs already done today.


Deserving attention

In Deserving attention you have a set of important advises for today.


By clicking on each item you open the ZaK page for that notice and from which you can work.



This section shows current stays in your hotel. This list includes arrivals that have already done the chek-in and departures that have not yet done the check-out (so customers already arrived today and customers who have to leave today but still in the structure).


The icons represent:

  • Lunches and dinners to prepare today.
  • Rooms occupied this night.
  • Breakfasts to prepare today.
  • Number of incoming guests.
  • Number of guests currently present in the structure.
  • Total occupancy of room-stays related to bookings in the structure.


Last reservation events

This section shows the latest bookings entered.



Communicating with the customers and keeping them updated on new developments and news is something that Wubook cares about. Thanks to our forum we receive comments, proposals, we justify the choices, we provide advice on the use of tools, we discuss issues related to regulations and current events in the world of tourist reception. Every customer is welcome



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