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STEP 7 - Issue a reservation invoice

In order to be able to issue invoices via ZaK you have to activate and configure the invoice plugin.

The booking invoice is obtained by accessing the reservation details. From here, from the Admin section, you have to click in the Invoices area. After that you will have to select as a document type the name that you have assigned to invoices in the invoice plugin.


Zak allows you to generate multiple invoices for the same reservation. For example, you can generate an invoice for the stay and another invoice for the extra services of the same reservation. So at the beginning of the process you can indicate which are the stays and/or services to be included in the invoice.



Going forward you access the document generation service. ZaK automatically populates customer data and services by taking them from the reservation. You still have the possibility to manually set in on this data before the emission (overwriting the text of the present description).


If you also invoice the extras, these are merged into a single item with the total cost of the extras selected on the booking for the invoice. Based on how the ZaK PREFERENCES are set, prices are inclusive of VAT.


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