In InsideOut we can click on 3 tabs: Arrivals, Departures, InsideOut.

  • Arrivals: See a list of reservations with arrival date of today
  • Departures: See a list of reservations with departure date of today

InsideOut: See a graph showing a per room view of both arrivals and departures

The focus of this section is really to highlight rooms that are scheduled on the same day for check in/out so to ease operations.

Clicking on arrivals you can mark the incoming reservation as arrived by clicking on the red house icon on the right and you can also see right next to the arrival booking code, the one instead that should check out from that room. By clicking on the date you see the details of the room type/occupancy and by clicking on the blue paper icon on the far right you can access the client registration card.


If you click on departures you see first the reservation code for the client checking out followed by the one checking in. Here you can click on the red arrow icon to "mark as gone", while the exclamation point icon indicates that there are still "customer information required" and the dollar icon that "bill not fully paid".


Finally section InsideOut is an overview of who is getting out (orange) and who is getting in (green).







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