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Once you have created all your templates, you can set up automatic sending of emails that meet certain conditions.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak > Settings > Communication


In this page you can find a series of "events" to which it is possible to associate an email template for automatic sending when the specific event occurs.


In the image above, we have planned to send  an email automatically when:

  • you create a reservation with the "Confirmed" status

  • you create a reservation with the status "Offer"

  • 3 days before the guest's arrival

  • The guest arrives (the day of check-in). In this example, the automatic transmission has been paused.


You can manually send your own custom templates from the booking page. There are two buttons in this section:


The button > Messaging shows the detail of the emails. Here you will find a list of emails already sent automatically (if you have enabled automatic sending on the "Messaging" page).
Through the button > Send mail you have the possibility to send emails manually, choosing from your custom templates. The information automatically generated by the template, contained in the body of the email can be changed at any time.

invio_automatico_send_email.gif To create and edit your own predefined templates, see our article on "Templates".

☞ Docs: Templates


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