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On this page you can create text templates to customize communication with your guests. You can also set up automatic or manual sending of emails.
You can currently create templates for:

  • Reservations Messaging

  • Online Check-in

  • Registration card

  • Tax Documents Messaging

The new functionality can be reached by clicking on the link below, the procedure for creating and editing templates is the same for all sections:

↳ Link utile: Auth Factory > Zak > Settings > Templates



Basically you will find the same texts of the old page "Voucher" (now replaced by this new one).
There is one template available for each booking status.The standard templates are not editable but in alternative you can create a copy and then modifiy it. It is also possible to create new models.

We have simplified the creation of these templates by reproducing a structure which is similar to the body of an email. You can also use the "tokens", (the grey buttons on the right) to insert elements related to the reservation.

Below you will learn how to create a new template.


You can use your templates to create email models that you can send automatically to customers.

↳ Link utile: Auth Factory > Zak > Settings > Communication

The models are divided into various categories; some models are already available. The templates are also used to configure and customize the online ChekIn page and the Registration Card.

2. Online Check-in

In this section you can create templates to set up the online check-in page:

  • Header

  • Welcome message

3. Registration card

In this section you can create templates to set up the registration card:

  • Header

  • Footer

4. Tax documents

In this section you can create email templates that you can send along with your tax documents.

  • Invoice

  • Receipt

  • Credit note

  • Invoice for export

  • Proforma invoice

  • Generic document

 See relevant documentation at the following link:

☞ Docs: Messaging


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